Reach over a billion Yahoo users.

Yahoo Games Network

Build fantastic games faster with the Backend Game Services.
Access hundreds of millions of users via the Yahoo Games Channel.

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Yahoo Games Channel

The Yahoo Games Channel is a curated channel where you get access to the hundreds of millions of users visiting Yahoo every month, and instantly monetize via the built-in Yahoo Games Payment system.

When you are ready, submit your game for inclusion on the Yahoo Games Channel

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A state of the art analytics and business intelligence built into the Yahoo Games Network.

Automatic tracking of key indicators such as ARPU, DAU, MAU, Session Time and more across segments defined automatically or by you.

With PlayerInsight you'll never wonder whats going on inside your game ever again.

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A database solution built especially for games, that scales transparently with any amount of usage and load, for the development of infinitely scalable persistent games.

BigDB is a great choice for persisting data such as character configuration, levels, world-state, save games, quiz questions, auctions, ban-lists, high-scores , ranking lists, game configuration, items and anything else you would like to save between game sessions.

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Make money from your game

Your own virtual currency, microtransactions, secure items management, analytics, great administrative interfaces and more. Monetizing with in-game payments has never been easier!

PayVault integrates with many different payment providers, so you can work with exactly the payment providers you want, and effortlessly add and remove them as you like.

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Build Multiplayer Games

Build realtime multiplayer games with your own custom serverside code and run it on our dedicated game servers.

Build and test your multiplayer games locally with full debugging capabilities, and deploy to the Yahoo Games Network cluster of game servers.

We'll host and run your multiplayer code and seamlessly add capacity as your game grows.

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Store and deliver game assets

GameFS is a scalable file system for your game, where you can store all your game-related files and assets. All files in GameFS are available via a global content delivery network, so they can be downloaded super-fast by players all over the world.

If you're building an MMO, you might store all the graphical assets in GameFS and download the files when they're needed, to speed up the initial download.

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Sitebox is the easiest way to build and host games on your own domain or as apps on 3rd party platforms.

With Sitebox you're just a few clicks away from having your own complete Facebook App up or dedicated game site and running, preloaded with a fully featured sample game that you can learn from, customize or even remove if you want to build your own app completely from scratch.

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Yahoo Games Channel

Yahoo Canvas, Payments & Authentication.

30% fee
Industry standard revenue split for payments made on the Yahoo Games Channel. Contact us to be considered.
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Backend Game Services

Backend Game Services are a set of services that enable you to develop games using Yahoo's backend. Pick and choose what you need from the available services such as BigDB, PayVault, GameFS and Multiplay.

Revenue share when your game is exclusive on the Yahoo Games Channel, or has less than 5000 daily active users.
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Revenue share when your game is published on the Yahoo Games Channel but is not exclusive.
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Revenue share when your game is not on the Yahoo Games Channel.
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Yahoo Games Network allowed us to get our game online and monetizing faster than we could have imagined. They saved us months of development time and are always happy to share valuable insight into their service and the industry.

Chris Condon - Founder, Con Artist Games
Yahoo Games Network deliver what they promise. Their tool is efficient, easy to install, easy to understand, provides great way to maintain your game on any platform and their support is simply incredible. We highly recommend Player.IO if you want to get your game on the next level.

Simon Lachance - CEO, Berzerk Studio
We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Yahoo to publish our games on the Yahoo Games Network and bring them to scale. As a cross-platform developer, it is essential for us have our games on all major platforms, and we look forward to seeing growth on this new important platform.

Aber Whitcomb - CTO, SGN
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